CCAM 2022 Conference

The Canadian-Cuban-American-Mexican Graduate Student Physics Conference (C2AM) is sponsored and organized by the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP), the Sociedad Cubana de Física (SCF), the American Physical Society (APS), and the Sociedad Mexicana de Física (SMF). The conference has been organized by and for physics graduate students for nearly 20 years. The C2AM provides participants an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other physics graduate students from Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and the US. The conference includes plenary talks by well-known scientists, contributed talks by graduate students, as well as networking opportunities and best talk competitions. Unlike larger scientific conferences graduate students attend, the C2AM conference has a smaller, student-focused environment where graduate students interact with their peers and obtain immediate feedback on their presentations.

C2AM 2022 will run over August 2-3, 2022. Graduate students will have the opportunity to give talks on various physics topics, consisting of a seven-minute presentation followed by a seven-minute question period. The audience will be able to provide confidential feedback to each student speaker. Prizes will be awarded to the best talks and feedback in each subdiscipline.

Abstract submission deadline is July 25, 2022.

For any inquiries, please contact Turkuler Durgut at