Award Winners

Day 1: Tuesday August 2, 2022

Session 1A: Gravitational Physics

Turkuler Durgut (Memorial University – Canada)
Title: Are gravitational solitons as interesting as black holes?

Session 1B: Biomedical Physics

Sandra Costa González (The National Research Institute on Metrology – Cuba)
Title: An agent-base model of metastasis: Secondary tumor growth and immune response

Session 2A: Gravitational Physics

Erickson Tjoa (University of Waterloo/Institute for Quantum Computing – Canada)
Title: When entanglement harvesting is not really harvesting

Session 2B: Particle and High Energy Physics

Nakul Aggarwal (University of Alberta – Canada)
Title: Search for neutrino trident events with IceCube

Session 3A: Gravitational Physics

Robie Hennigar (University of Barcelona – Spain)
Title: The fate of apparent horizons in black hole collisions

Session 3B: Particle and High Energy Physics

Pouya Khaghani (Laurentian University – Canada)
Title: SNO+ Calibration with N16 Source

Session 4A: Cosmology

Mitja Fridman (University of Lethbridge – Canada)
Title: Baryon Asymmetry from the Generalized Uncertainty Principle

Day 2: Wednesday August 3, 2022

Session 1A: Condensed Matter, Solid State, and Materials Physics

Andrew Hardy (University of Toronto – Canada)
Title: Nematic phases and elastoresistivity from a multiorbital non-Fermi Liquid

Session 1B: Quantum Information and Computing

Shawn Skelton (University of Waterloo – Canada)
Title: Getting to Low Ground: A Quantum Imaginary Time Evolution focused Study of Ground State Approximation

Session 2A: Condensed Matter, Solid State, and Materials Physics

Jesús Antonio Alba Cabañas (University of Havana – Cuba)
Title: Semiconductor nanostructured oxides by low-cost techniques for photovoltaics application

Session 2B: Machine Learning and Numerical Methods – Physics Education

Camille A. Coffie (University of Central Florida – United States of America)
Title: Identifying Academic Ableism: Case Study of a UDL-Learning Community Participant

Session 3A: Atmospheric and Space Physics

Lismary de la Caridad Suárez González (Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics (ICIMAF) – Cuba)
Title: Finite temperature effects on relativistic Bose-Einstein Condensate stars with magnetic field

Session 3B: Optics – Applied Physics

Kárel García Medina (University of Havana – Cuba)
Title: On the puzzle of collective behavior in locally-interacting systems

Feedback Awards

Billy Chan
César Terán Cisneros
Martín Javier Nava Callejas
Joeluis Cerutti Torres
Kyle Bryenton
Louis Hanotel
Tashveena R.Surdha
Rodrigo Gonzalez Quaglia
Johanna Borissova
Sarah Muth
Greg Kaplanek
Daine Danielson
Victor Jaramillo