AAPM Diversity Recruitment through Education and Mentoring Program

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) is offering the Diversity Recruitment through Education and Mentoring (DREAM) Program this summer.

The DREAM program is designed to increase the number of women and racially underrepresented groups in medical physics by offering research opportunities, as well as outreach and strategic mentorship geared towards recruiting a more robust and diverse group of skilled undergraduate students in the field of medical physics.

The program is 10-weeks in length during the summer. The Mentor and Fellow will determine the exact 10-week schedule.

In this program, exceptional students will be matched with exceptional medical physicists, many who are faculty at leading research centers. Students participating in these programs are placed into summer positions that are consistent with their research and career interests. Students are selected for these programs on a competitive basis. All DREAM students receive a $6,000 stipend from the AAPM. The stipend is based upon an expectation of 40-hour per week effort for 10-weeks.

DREAM Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 2, 2022

For more details about the eligibility criteria and submission instructions, please visit: gaf.aapm.org/index.php#DREAM