What is CAP SAC?

The Student Advisory Council at the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP SAC) was officially launched in June 2019 with the intention to represent Canada’s Physics Students and make their needs more visible to CAP’s board of directors. Thus, CAP can provide Canada’s Physics Students with helpful resources, activities and events, as well as help them succeed in their careers!

CAP SAC currently consists of 15 members, both undergraduate and graduate students from all over Canada. 

Recent projects include:

  1. A national interview process of Canadian physics department to understand the culture, needs, and interests of physics students in Canada
  2. Creating a Canada-wide network among physics departments and clubs in Canadian universities
  3. Planning online events for physics students across Canada
  4. Developing the SAC website with resources for students in Canadian universities, including information on research opportunities, job-hunting tips, etc.
  5. Representing and advocating for students to the CAP
  6. A critical review of CAP scholarships, awards, and student funding opportunities

Your opinion is important to us! Please use the following contact form to let us know what else you would like the CAP SAC to focus on, both in the short term (upcoming year) and in the long term (3-5 years). Your valuable feedback will help us support you and provide resources tailored to your needs. Suggestions we receive will be discussed in our biweekly meetings.

If you are organising a physics event and/or want to advertise, feel free to let us know! We can share it on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page!