B Kell

Affiliation: PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Email: brayden.kell@mail.utoronto.ca

Before beginning my graduate studies, I completed an undergraduate degree in Biophysics and Math at UofT and worked as a research assistant at Sunnybrook Research Institute in tomographic x-ray imaging for breast cancer screening.

Currently, my scientific interests lie in quantitative approaches to understanding biological control systems. In my PhD thesis I use tools from theoretical physics, applied mathematics, and computation to understand limits on robustness in biochemical reaction networks towards understanding natural and engineered cellular control. In addition to my theoretical work, I am a Visiting Scholar at Northwestern University where I collaborate with folks who do experiments to understand stochastic gene regulation in fruit fly development.

Outside of physics, I enjoy making and listening to music, taking photos, and cycling.

I am serving as an LGBTQ+ student representative on the CAP SAC alongside Rachel Wang. Please contact with me with related questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. Happy to hear from you!