Osebi Daudu

Pronouns: He/him

Affiliation: Undergraduate physics student with specialization in astronomy at University of Saskatchewan

Email: osebiformular@gmail.com

Linkedin: Osebi Daudu


I am Osebi, a native of Northern Nigeria and currently a second-year physics student at the University of Saskatchewan. My research interests are in astro-particle physics, I am also actively involved in observational astronomy.
On the SAC, my roles involve: overseeing treasury operations, website functionality and cheering on the rest of the council (the best part).
My favourite extra-curricular involvement would be at, the University of Saskatchewan Space Team (USST), where I enjoy working on PCBs as a member of the RADSAT-SK Payload sub team. In my spare time, I play badminton, the violin, or online chess. Despite time constraints, I always make an effort to pursue these hobbies.