Previous Members

We’d like to thank the following students for their time and contributions to the Student Advisory Council:

Michaela Hishon (2021-2023, University of Guelph)

S. E. Skelton (2021-2022, Perimeter Institute; University of Waterloo)

Samira Karimova (2021-2022, University of Toronto)

Cissy Suen (2021-2022, University of British Columbia; Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research)

Jennifer Peterson (2021-2022, University of Alberta)

Xinyu Jiao (2021, University of Toronto)

Tarnem Afify (2019-2020, York University)

Claire MacDougall (2019-2020, St. Francis Xavier University)

Gaurav Madan (2019-2020, Memorial University)

Marielle Stoutjesdyk (2019-2020, University of Lethbridge)

Bo Leng (2019, University of Alberta)

Kiarash Ghasemi (2019, McGill University)

Mark Baker (2019, Western University)

Matt Steffler (2019, University of Guelph)

Donna Fan (2019, University of British Columbia)