Summer Internships/Fellowships

Medical Physics

AAPM Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Program (SUFP): The SUFP program provides opportunities for undergraduate students to gain experience in medical physics by performing research in a medical physics laboratory or assisting with clinical service at a clinical facility.

AAPM Diversity Recruitment through Education and Mentoring (DREAM) Program: The DREAM program is designed to increase the number of women and racially underrepresented groups in medical physics by offering research opportunities, as well as outreach and strategic mentorship geared towards recruiting a more robust and diverse group of skilled undergraduate students in the field of medical physics.

U of T Medical Biophysics Summer Student

Particle Physics

IPP Summer Student Fellowship Program: Undergraduate Research Experience at CERN & in Canada

SNOLAB Student Internships: With the deepest clean laboratory facilities in the world, SNOLAB hosts experiments probing neutrinos and dark matter. SNOLAB offers term positions for undergraduate students across a range of fields, including physics and engineering.

Theoretical Physics

Perimeter Scholars International — Students’ Training Accelerator for Research in Theory (PSI START): Perimeter Institute invites students to join its world-leading research community. The PSI START program consists of three parts, and is for students who intend to apply to a physics graduate program.