Study Resources

The Student Advisory Council aims to support students studying physics and a large part of students’ lives consists of studying! That is why we have created a comprehensive lists of study resources below.

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General Physics Resources

Physical constants –

Unit conversion –

Physics Pages –

Hyperphysics –

The Feynman Lectures on Physics –

Comprehensive physics reference –

Walter Lewin’s physics lectures –

MIT OpenCourseWare, physics courses –

Light and Matter, open source introductory physics text –

Eric Weisstein’s World of Physics –

David Tong’s Cambridge lectures on theoretical physics –

Curlie physics web directory –

OpenStax, peer-reviewed, open source, totally free online textbooks –


Paul’s Online Math Notes, extensive notes on basic to advanced calculus and differential equations –

Wolfram MathWorld, “the web’s most extensive mathematics resource” –

MathPages, comprehensive web database of mathematics, with selected topics on physics and relativity –

OpenStax, peer-reviewed, open source, totally free online textbooks –
eMathHelp, providing online calculators from pre-algebra to differential calculations –


Classical Mechanics

Advanced Mechanics – Marion and Thornton

Dynamics and relativity, textbook/lecture notes –

Advanced mechanics, chaos theory, and special relativity, UC San Diego –


Electromagnetism and Electronics

Electromagnetism – Griffiths

A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, J. C. Maxwell –

Electromagnetism, Relativity, and Wave Mechanics, Fitzpatrick UT Austin –

“Why is Maxwell’s Theory so hard to understand?”, essay by Freeman Dyson –



Dynamics and relativity, textbook/lecture notes –

Einstein’s lectures on relativity –

Einstein Light, webpage explaining relativity for the 2005 World Year of Physics –


Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

An Introduction to Thermal Physics, Schroeder

Three term course on statistical physics, Caltech –

Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics lecture notes, UC San Diego –

Intermediate thermodynamics and statistical mechanics lecture notes, UT Austin –


Quantum Mechanics

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Griffiths

Advanced quantum mechanics notes –

Berkeley course on quantum mechanics –

Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple, three lectures by Hans Bethe –


Optics, Photonics, and Wave Mechanics

Fundamentals of Photonics, B. Saleh and M. Teich

Practical Raman Spectroscopy, an Introduction – Vandenabeele

Introduction to Optics; Pedrotti, Pedrotti, and Pedrotti

RP Photonics Encyclopedia –

Web-based ray optics simulator –

Resonances, Waves, and Fields blog –

Extensive discussion on linear and nonlinear waves –

Basic introduction to lasers –

MIT video demo of lasers and optics –


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