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Name Affiliation Position
Ben Hansson Dalhousie University Graduate chair @SAC; Graduate representative @CAP
Simone Têtu McGill University Undergraduate chair @SAC; Quebec Representative
Eduardo Muntaner Garcia University of British Columbia Undergraduate representative @CAP
Ali Usman University of Regina Secretary
Turkuler Durgut Memorial University Treasurer
R. M. University of British Columbia Web master
Rachel Wang University of British Columbia LGBTQ+ Representative
B Kell University of Toronto LGBTQ+ Representative
Julien-Pierre Houle Université de Sherbrooke Quebec Representative
Annie Xie Queen’s University Member
Maryam Rahbaran McGill University Member
Valentina Mazzotti University of British Columbia Member
William Rettie Carleton University Member

The SAC works in close collaboration with the CAP to create a strong network between physics students and the Canadian physics community.  


Name Affiliation Position
Francine Ford CAP Executive Director @CAP, SAC Advisor
Ben Newling University of New Brunswick Director of Student Affairs @CAP, SAC Advisor

Thank you to all the previous members who helped build the SAC!