SAC Problem Competition 2022

If you are looking for some winter entertainment that can also get your brain back into gear for the second term, then look no further than the SAC Problem Competition.

Four challenging physics problems are available in English here.

Register your participation here.

Good luck and successful solving to you all.


If your solution is presented in audio or video format, the presentation can be no longer than 10 (ten) minutes.

If your solution is in a written format, it can occupy an area of no more than 467.5 square inches (equivalent to 5 sides of 8.5 x 11 inch “letter” paper). In SI units this is 0.3016 square metres.

The mass of your solution (if measurable) must be no more than 2 (two) kilogrammes.

Your solution, in all aspects, should comply with local health and safety guidelines (including physical distancing, where pertinent).

While you do not need to be an undergraduate affiliate or a graduate student member of the CAP to participate in this challenge, you do need to be someone who would qualify to become an affiliate or graduate student member – as do all members of your team if you choose to participate as a team.  You can see the eligibility requirements for undergraduates here: and for graduate students here:

While looking at the criteria, consider joining.   There is no fee while an undergraduate student and, for graduate students, your first year as a graduate student member is free.

Click here to see frequently asked questions.


The solutions will be judged on four (4) criteria:

  • physical correctness of your solution (7 marks)
  • clarity of your solution (5 marks)
  • creativity of your solution (5 marks)
  • mathematical correctness of your solution (3 marks)

judging will be carried out by a team selected by the CAP Student Advisory Council. The judges’ decision is final.

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